Zach Mikash and Gordon gross are talking it out and working their way through the feelings of the Denver Nuggets abysmal play to start the second round series against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Zach goes off on a tangent about how Tim Connelly is overrated (Gordon disagrees) before getting into the business of breaking down the first two games of the series. The guys talk Anthony Edwards and what can be done, the T-Wolves suffocating defense and the antics of Jamal Murray. For the second half of the show they look forward to games three and four of the series and what Denver can do to try and get back in the series. Finally the guys give their predictions on whether or not the Nuggets can avoid getting swept in the series.

Denver Nuggets are abysmal against the Wolves at home

  • Is there any answer for Anthony Edwards?
  • Why can’t Denver score at all?
  • Jamal Murray’s antics

What is their chances of coming back in the series

  • What adjustment do you want to see happen?
  • Other than Ant what’s the key thing Denver has to stop?
  • Does this series come back to Denver?