There's something to be said for the inexorable advance of technology.

Back on October 1st, 1999, when the Pepsi Center opened its doors for the first time, the arena was a marvel of modern design. Its JumboTron, for the era, was state of the art. It was certainly an upgrade for the fans who previously attended the Brutalism-inspired McNichols Arena to watch their Nuggets play.

While the Pepsi Center's sight lines and seating are generally fantastic throughout, the JumboTron is beginning to show its age. It can be hard to read, replays are often grainy and it simply is an outdated display. Given the great views from almost any seat in the house, though, I don't often find myself paying much attention to the JumboTron at the Can, anyway.

I might have to now, though.

Beginning last year, the Pepsi Center began renovations which included hundreds of new flatscreens throughout the club level and four additional scoreboards higher up. The next improvement will be a completely new video scoreboard that rivals the magnitude of the display in "JerryWorld" (aka AT&T Stadium, home to the Dallas Cowboys). Don't believe me? Compare for yourself:

Old Pepsi Center display:


Pretty small, a little difficult to make out, but readable for most.

New Pepsi Center display:


Quite a difference 14 years can make in display technology. 14 years from now, we'll likely be scoffing over this, remarking how limited a non-3D display that can't track individual player performances and broadcast them to our NBA fantasy league apps on our wearable Google Glass through in-house Pepsi Center wireless will be.

For now, though, I'm going to enjoy that monstrosity of a display, and just hope that it doesn't end up pulverizing anyone beneath it.

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