We're going to be surfing the interwebz for the best Nuggets stories from the past week. Hopefully we don't get the locals riled up, and have to deal with a situation like the following:

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Anyhow, let’s get to the stories!

1.) Paul Klee of the Colorado Springs Gazette wrote my favorite piece of the week. A great column on what he wants to see the Nuggets do in the draft. Hits on some great larger points, well done.

2.) Mark Kiszla is all about the Nuggets lately. He had a piece about the coaching search (Mike D’Antoni vs Melvin Hunt), and another focusing on Josh Kroenke in an interview with the Nuggets’ President of Basketball Operations.

3.) Christopher “Don’t Call Me Chris!” Dempsey also scored an interview with Josh Kroenke and his piece focused on the team’s coaching search.

4.) Sam Vecenie of CBS Sports.com had a nice succinct post up on the Winners and Loses of the NBA Draft Lottery.

5.) Royce Webb of ESPN’s TrueHoop had a very interesting piece up on the NBA Lottery and what it means to franchises.

Happy reading!

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