The NBA Finals are now set: Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors. The battle of your heart is on the line. Will you root for ex-Nuggets Timofey Mozgov and J.R. Smith? Or will you be rooting for The Mole and the Warriors? For me, I just cannot forgive the Warriors for basically decimating the Nuggets franchise in 2013. I've tried and I've failed to root for them. Exciting hoops? Yes. Bitter old blogger who may have lost his mind? Also a yes.

I'll be rooting for Timo to win it all. Seeing the work he put into his game over the years, it's hard not to root for one of the NBA's truly good guys. Mozgov Militia will be in full force!

Now, let's get to some Nuggets related stories from around the web.

1.) Nuggets workout warrior and Strength and Conditioning coach Steve Hess had a nice video interview with Nuggets TV reporter Alexis Perry. In the interview, Hess talks about working out NBA draft prospects, but is careful about what he says to Perry and everyone watching. (It's pieces like this that helped to inspire Mike Olson's amazing piece with Hess earlier this year).

2.) Harrison Wind had an excellent piece today on Wilson Chandler and the SEED Project in Senegal, Africa. There's even a sweet picture of Masai Ujiri and Chandler together.

3.) Chris Dempsey broke down Michael Frazier's game as the Florida prospect was in to work out for the Nuggets yesterday. He is a three-and-D guy, but Frazier is out to prove he belongs in the league.

4.) Curious about how dysfunctional NBA Front Offices can be? Check out Adrian Wojnarowski's piece on the Bulls and Tom Thibodeau. It's truly fascinating.

5.) has a nice Q&A up with Askia Booker and all the other draft prospects the team brought in this week.

6.) Yes, this is Top 5 but we don't care about no stinking numbers on this website! I participated in The Amateur Hour NBA podcast (NBA Mock Draft) with Sam Vecenie and Bryan Gibberman yesterday, but I was SHOCKED to see that I wouldn't be able to draft Mario Hezonja. He went no. 3 overall to Michael Levin and the Philadelphia 76ers. You have to listen to the podcast to listen to Levin explain the thinking behind Sam Hinkie – it's fantastic.

Enjoy the weekend folks! Maybe we'll get some Nuggets news soon, maybe not!